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The Saxl Project: Manuscripts, Illustrations, Bibliography

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The Saxl Project: Manuscripts, Illustrations, Bibliography


The Saxl Project is the name of a plan to have complete digital access to over 250 medieval and Renaissance illustrated astronomical and astrological manuscripts. It is intended to be a continuation and updating of Fritz Saxl's multi-volume work: Verzeichnis der astrologischer und mythologischer illustrierter Handschriften des lateinischen Mittelalters in römischen Bibliotheken (1915-1966, with the collaboration of Hans Meier and Patrick McGurk).

The Project is led by Kristen Lippincott and run jointly with The Warburg Institute, University of  London. It has also benefitted greatly from previous collaborative research, which was carried out with Dr Elly Dekker of Utrecht University, between 1997 and 2007.


















Decans and paranatellonta manuscripts



Manuscript list by city  (A-Z)













Moya Catherine Carey

Painting The Stars In A Century Of Change

A thirteenth-century copy of al-Sufrs Treatise on the Fixed Stars

British Library Or.5323




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