Carington Bowles

Bowles's New and Accurate Map of the World or Terrestrial Globe, London 1780 circa



Carington Bowles


Bowles's New and Accurate Map of the World or Terrestrial Globe



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Bowles's new and accurate map of the world, or Terrestrial globe : laid down from the best observations and newest discoveries particularly those lately made in the south seas by Anson, Byron, Wallis, Bouganville, Cook, and other celebrated circumnavigators, illustrated with a variety of useful projections and representations of the heavenly bodies the most approved astronomical and geographical definitions tables, and problems with an easy and familiar explanation of the most curious and interesting phoenomena in the universal system.
London : Printed for the proprietor Carington Bowles, no. 69 in St. Paul's Church Yard, [1780?]
-  Shows various expedition routes.
-  Relief shown pictorially.
-  Includes text and col. ill.
-  Ancillary maps: Solar system -- Northern hemisphere -- Southern hemisphere -- Astronomical latitude and longitude analemma -- Universal scale of equal parts, chords, sines, tangents, secants, & c. & c. -- Chart of the world according to Mercator's projection -- Selenography or a map of the moon -- Vicissitude of seasons explained -- Analemma.
-  Western hemisphere of the world, the New World or North and South America -- Eastern hemisphere of the world, the Old World or Europe, Asia and Africa.
-  Sectioned into 4 pieces, mounted on cloth. DLC
-  LC copy imperfect: Margin trimmed, minor losses along top. DLC
-  Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image.
1 Map : Hand Col. ; 2 Hemispheres Each 59 Cm. in Diam., on Sheet 106 X 130 Cm.
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